Supervisor User Guide

Learn how to use your Supervisor account.



Supervisor user accounts can track apprentice progress within their occupation, engage with apprentices via journal entries, approve/deny OJT & RTI submissions & wage progressions. In the following pages, we will walk you through each feature of your Supervisor account and how to use them.




The Dashboard provides an at-a-glance overview of your apprentices. The first card, Apprentices, shows you a summary of your apprentices information such as their occupation, cohort, employer, and wage information. The next card, Unread Journals, displays the most recent journal entries that your apprentices have submitted to you. And finally, you have a summary of your occupation and employer information.






Clicking on the bell icon in the top toolbar will reveal your notifications menu. Notifications provide you with a short summary of what has happened while you were away. 




Account Menu



Located in the top right corner of your screen, the Account Menu is where you can view your account information, request a feature and visit our Support Center. 



My Account


On the General tab of your profile, under My Account, you can view your name, email, phone, occupation, and employer. You can click the edit pencil in the upper right-hand corner to change your email and phone. 


My Account



In the Account tab, you can verify your email, enable Two-Factor Authentication, change your password, upload a profile photo, and view your unique user ID. 





On the Settings tab you can modify the look and feel of your account by toggling on Dark Mode and enable/disable specific system notifications.



Get Help


If you have questions about your account or want to learn how to use a feature, select Visit Support Center in the Help menu to be navigated to a database full of great knowledge resources. If you run into an issue with your account or something isn’t working correctly, we’d love to know about it. To report an issue, click on the Help button and select the second option labeled Submit a Ticket.  



On your Apprentices page, you can view a list of your apprentices along with their progress and information about their occupation, wage, and employer. You can also click the clock icon to add OJT or RTI for them. For more details on each apprentice, click on their name to visit their profile.


Work Summary


On the Work Summary page you can see apprentice OJT progress by week or month, download submission reports, and trigger reminders to your apprentices to submit OJT hours. 




On the Journals page, you can view all of the journals your apprentices have submitted to you ordered by the date they were submitted. Click on the journal entry to view it in greater detail and review comments. 


Performance Evaluations

If you click on the Performance tab you will navigate to your Performance Evaluations page. You can view, select, and start competency, behavioral, and custom evaluations on this page. You can also view previously submitted evaluations. 



Once your administrator has set up apprentices’ wage schedules, your apprentices will start to show up on the Wage  Progressions page when they're ready for an increase. To approve a wage progression, click the apprentice's checkbox, edit their wage increase if necessary, and click Approve