Apprentice User Guide

Learn how to use your Apprentice account.


Apprentices can track program progress, submit training hours, log journal entries, submit performance evaluations, and more all from the ApprentiScope site. In the following guide, we will walk through each feature of the site and how to use it.  Note: some features are not enabled and/or required for all apprentices.  Your program manager, who may be called an administrator, supervisor, or mentor, will identify program requirements.


The Dashboard is the sites' default screen and provides an overview of your progress.

  • Overview section - shows how many hours you've logged for on-the-job training (OTJ) and related technical instruction (RTI), and how many technical program competencies/requirements you've completed
  • Journals section - displays a list of your most recent journal entries 
  • Account section - displays general account information

To access the rest of the site, you will use the Toolbar, in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, or the blue Navigation Bar, on the left-hand side of the screen.

Toolbar - includes:

  • Notifications (red alarm icon) - view in-app notifications from sponsors, administrators, supervisors, educational providers, and/or mentors
  • Account profile (name and/or picture) - general account information, upload profile picture, upload files, set screen & notification preferences; request a feature, search support center articles
  • HELP - search support center articles or submit a support ticket

Navigation Bar - includes:

Toolbar - Notifications

The Bell icon in the toolbar shows notifications, which provide a summary of what has happened while you were away, including reminders, tasks, etc. 

  • To delete a notification, click the "X" to the right of the notification. 
  • Clicking on a notification will take you to a page most relevant to it.
  • See, Account Menu > Profiles - Settings below for setting notification preferences.


Toolbar - Account Menu

The Account Menu is reached by clicking on your name and allows you to: access your profile information, request a feature, and navigate to our Support Center, which provides tutorials and FAQs for the site.  You also can review our Privacy Policy by clicking the blue link. 

Account Menu > My Profile

My Profile includes 4 tabs - general, account, files, settings - which are accessed by clicking the appropriate tab on the top of the Profile page.

  • General - view and edit your general account information & edit your email and phone, by clicking blue Edit Pencil in the top right corner

  • Account - verifications, change passwords, upload profile picture, and upload files

  • Files - upload files, and view and delete previously uploaded files

  • Settings - set your screen mode (dark or light); indicate the notifications you would like to receive; and set whether you'd like to receive texts for notifications, in addition to the in-platform notification and emails; click the toggle switch on the right to turn items on or off (blue means ON) 


Toolbar - HELP

The HELP button allows you to access the Support Center (Find Quick Answers) or submit a support ticket for help with any issue with the site (Submit a Ticket).  


Navigation Bar - Tasks

The white circle next to TASKS on the blue navigation bar will indicate the number of incomplete tasks you have.  The Tasks page lists the tasks your administrators have assigned to you.  Each  may include a link to specific task or you may need to navigate to another page to complete the task.

  • To mark a task complete, click the checkmark icon on the right, which will then turn blue.
  • To revert a task back to incomplete, click the gray over-arrow to the right of the checkmark. 

Navigation Bar - Mentors

The Mentors page lists your mentor(s) and their contact information.

  • Click the blue envelope on the right to email a mentor. 

Navigation Bar - Journals

The Journals page allows you create journal entries that can be viewed and commented on by your Mentors & Supervisors. 

  • Click any entry to see replies/comments made by your Mentors & Supervisors to that entry.
  • Click the blue +(plus) button at the bottom of the page to create a journal entry. This will open the dialog (2nd image).  Select a date on the calendar, write your journal entry in the text box, and click the blue Submit button in the top right-hand corner of the dialog box.

Navigation Bar - Time Log (OJT/RTI Hour Submission)

The Time Log page allows you to submit and view your on-the-job training (OJT) and/or related technical instructions (RTI) submissions/hours. 

  • Click the <> arrows in the top left corner to view and submit hours for a different month.
  • Previous submissions show in dark blue; Light blue submissions indicate they have been approved by an administrator, supervisor or mentor (approval is not required by all programs).  
    • To submit new OTJ hours, click the date on the calendar those hours were performed, which will open the LOT OJT box (2nd image).  Add the number of hours performed in the appropriate box, and click Submit.
    • To submit new RTI hours, click the blue RTI button in the bottom right corner, which will open a LOG RTI box (3rd image below).  On the mini calendar, click the date the hours were performed, fill in the hours under the appropriate requirement, and click Submit.
  • To edit a previous submission (4th image), click the blue entry on the main calendar (not all apprentices have this authorization) to reopen the LOG box, change the hours, and click Submit (or the red delete icon if appropriate).  Submissions that have been approved cannot be edited.  

Navigation Bar - Progress

The Progress page provides a summary of your progress (OJT and RTI hours submitted and technical competencies completed) in the top section. You can click any of the 3 subcategories below the summary - OJT (On the Job Training), Behavioral, or RTI (Related Technical Instruction) - to view your progress in that area and review feedback from your mentors.  

  • A blue circled check mark to the right of any requirement, means it has been completed and approved by your administrator.  For requirements requiring competency evaluations (in addition to or instead of hours), you will also see the latest competency assessment/status under the progress bar for that competency.  

Navigation Bar - Performance

The Performance page includes Upcoming and Submitted tabs.

  • Upcoming - lists performance evaluations that you must complete and allows you to complete them; and 
  • Submitted - lists & allows you to review any performance evaluations conducted on you by your program manager.  


Navigation Bar - Grades

The Grades page allows you to view grades submitted on your behalf by an education provider, who usually is providing your Related Technical Instruction (RTI).

Navigation Bar - My Data

The My Data page allows you to view information captured on you that is stored for compliance purposes.  You may be asked by your administrator to update it.

  • To change information, simply make the changes in the appropriate field and click the blue SAVE button.