Permissions Overview

Learn how to manage your users with permissions & permission groups.


Permissions can be configured for all users of a given type. These are referred to as Type-Level Permissions (TLP). To configure the TLPs for your account, visit your Settings & Permissions page by clicking the link that corresponds to your user type below.


For Administrators

For Sponsors

For Regulators


Once you're there, select the tab labeled Users.




From there, select the user type you'd like to modify (Sponsor account shown).




Once you've made your selection, simply find the permission you'd like to modify and change it. 


Note: Type-Level Permissions apply to every user of a given type in your domain. For example, if you set change applicant permissions as a regulator, this configuration will be set for each applicant within each of your Sub-Sponsors.


Permission Groups

Unlike Type-Level Permissions, Permission Groups determine permission configurations for individual groups of users. These are referred to as Account-Level Permissions (ULP). To create a permission group, follow this tutorial.


By allowing you to set permissions on an account-by-account basis, Permission Groups allow administrators to add another level of granularity to their configurations.


Note: Permission Groups will supersede Type-Level Permissions.