Regulator Onboarding Checklist

This checklist will outline the steps to get your Regulator account set up and your information migrated.

Step 1: Schedule your Onboarding Session


  • Schedule your Onboarding Session by clicking here

  • In this meeting, we will set up your initial Administrator account, set up billing (if you haven't already), and define the scope of your data migration into ApprentiScope


Step 2: Gather your Account Materials


Download a copy and fill out this template to send us the following information:

  • Apprentice Information


Step 3: Submit your Account Materials to Support


  • Once you’ve completed compiling the data above, please submit the materials to our Support Team via this form.
  • Our Support Team will migrate your data and reach out when we have successfully done so!


If you encounter any issues throughout this process, please submit a Support Ticket here​ or visit our Support Center.​