How to Track RTI Attendance with QR Codes

Learn how to generate unique QR Codes that allow Apprentices to submit their attendance data to Supervisors. Pre-determine Course Information, Time Slots, and Durations to improve RTI reporting accuracy.


Step 1: Click the QR Code icon that's located in the top right corner of your screen




Step 2: Select the function that you'd like this QR code to execute




Step 3: Select the Occupation that you'd like this QR code to submit attendance for



Step 4: Select the RTI Course that you'd like this QR code to submit RTI hours for



Step 5: Select the Course Start Time




Step 6: Select the amount of time that your apprentices will have to use this QR Code before it expires, then hit Save



Step 7: Wait a few seconds for an email to arrive that contains your QR Code. It will look like this:



Step 8: Have your apprentices scan this QR Code with their phone's camera app (instructions here), and sign into their ApprentiScope account. ApprentiScope will handle the rest.